A Soggy Creek
book review of
"Sugar Snaps & Strawberries"
Book by Andrea Bellamy, creator of the gardening blog Heavy Petal.

Published by Timber Press,
ISBN: 978-1-60469-1245


Sugar Snaps and Strawberries by Andrea Bellamy


Sugar Snaps and Strawberries by Andrea Bellamy


Sugar Snaps and Strawberries by Andrea Bellamy

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  • March 18th 2011 — Soggy Creek Seed Co.

    Sugar Snaps...

    Seeds of inspiration is what we try to plant here at Soggy Creek Seed Co. The KNOWLEDGE required for gardening is easily available nowadays with google at your fingertips. The TIME to grow too is not hard to find if you are keen -- as is the SPACE to garden in. There is nothing to stop us all from getting to it and growing a significant amount of our own food except perhaps the spark that starts it. Inspiration is what wakes us from the slumber in spring to shovel, hoe and grow. This annual need for new inspiration to draw us to the dirt when the snow melts is why we have added the book "Sugar Snaps and Strawberries" to our springtime bedside.

    It is a good thing when we as gardeners outgrow our gardening books. If your current squirrel-stash of gardening references no longer reflects the kind of gardener you've become and you're looking for ideas slightly more accommodating to gardeners who don't want to use peatmoss or bonemeal or antiquated outdated practices then there will be lots of stuff in here right up your alley!

    The imagery in this book is as wondrous, silent, hushed and amazing as the actual influences of gardening are. Sugar snaps encourages agriculture and arts to mix together, the way they should be. A good gardening book should give you that same excited feeling visiting a friend's garden does, the excitement to go straight home and work in your own garden.

    The beginning chapters build from the very basics in case the reader is new to gardening -- making this book great to leave around willfully or lend to friends who are just starting to show that sparkling interest in growing food. If you are an experienced gardener but have holes in your knowledge that might grow into gaps if you don't plug them quick, then there are things in here well worth paying attention to. Working with small spaces and urban-gardening especially is one of Andrea's talents and there is a big pile of creative ideas for you to fill your backyard or balcony with.

    From our biased "seeds-are-everything-important-in-life" position, the most exciting sentence was the first line in the Saving Seeds chapter, "Saving seeds has recently gone from simply being a thrifty mode of plant propagation to a defiant political statement." We love to see a good solid hit-over-the-head / wave-your-arms-in-the-air / kick-in-the-pants to new gardeners reminding them to be using open-pollinated varities and saving their own seeds from the get-go. But if you're on this site you'll be hip to that sentiment already.

    When the lanky species of humanity was first lowered down to the earth, we took up gardening. We became obedient admirers of soil, but then slipped and became eaters and importers of bad food, now we are becoming soil-admirers again. If you are looking for signposts to help you along your way then nail this good book up to your garden gate! ...it's a must-have for any contemporary gardener looking for inspiration mixed with information.

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